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Hytera Pseudo Trunking

Hytera's Pseudo-trunking, a patented technology, allows you to use the 2 talk paths that DMR (digital mobile radio) gives you.

Every Hytera DMR repeater has Psuedo Trucking as a standard feature. A single repeater can handle two simultaneous voice conversations in complete privacy with no channel switching required. The Hytera repeater can provide the functions of a controller (i.e. automatic selection of an available channel) with no channel selection required by the user - A Hytera EXCLUSIVE!

Standard DMR Tier II provides you with 2 timeslots (2 simultaneous talk paths). Each conversation you have on your radio will be tied to a specific slot. So, for example, "Site Security" always use slot 1 for their individual and group radio conversations, "Site Maintenance" always use slot 2. This can lead to 1 slot becoming congested (eg. "Site Security" make lots of individual and group calls on slot 1) while the other slot remains idle (eg. "Site Maintenance" only make a couple of group calls per day on slot 2).

The site would undoubtedly benefit from allowing "Site Security" access to slot 2 when their slot is already busy. This will mean that security won't get a busy tone when someone else in their group is already having a conversation, they'll just go straight onto slot 2, which
was available most of the time anyway.

Pseudo-trunking provides a "first come, first served" access to slot resource. However, it's limited to the 2 slots DMR provides over a 12.5KHz frequency (or frequency pair). If both slots are busy, the user will have to wait their turn. Pseudo trunking can be used by radios working "back-to-back" or through a repeater.

This means that pseudo-trunking is perfect for enhancing DMR Tier II at little or no additional cost.

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