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Eartec Communications specializes in group communications systems.  Simplex and duplex systems that enable users to collaborate efficiently and with ease.

Wired and Wireless Systems can be custom ordered to build the exact system you need.  Start by selecting the radios or console you need, then add headsets for the number of users you have and we will take it from there.

ComStar - 1900MHZ, Wireless Intercom, Up to 8 users, up to 800 yards, Full Duplex

FlexMax - 1900MHz, Wireless / Wired Intercom, Up to 8 wireless users plus 4 wired users, Up to 800 yards, Full Duplex

Simultalk 24G - 2.4GHZ, Wireless, 2 or 4 Person Systems, Up to 150 yards, Full Duplex

Scrambler - FRS, Wireless, Unlimited Users, Simplex

TCS - Wired, 4 Person Systems, Full Duplex



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